Research Station Aboa


Aboa (Photo: FINNARP)

The Finnish Antarctic research station Aboa (73°03'S, 13°25'W) was built in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1988 - 89. Aboa is located 130 km from the shore, on the nunatak Basen in the Vestfjella Mountains. Aboa was designed and built by the Technical Research Centre of Finland, the work being funded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Swedish research station Wasa is located only 200 metres from Aboa. Together the two stations form the Nordenskiöld Base Camp. The stations cooperate both in research and logistics.

Aboa was enlarged and renovated during the summer 02-03. New block for sauna and bathroom and new block for radio room and a room for station manager were built and also one new block for all the necessary technics was added to the main station. The kitchen was renovated and most of the electricity systems were rebuilt so that the station can be run by big accumulators via inverters if necessary. Also two new accommodation containers were built, mainly for the scientists so that they can work and live two in one container. Also a new biological grey water purification plant was built.

Aboa is now designed to provide for expeditions sized from about 12 even to 18 persons. The station consists of a main building, 2 laboratory containers, 3 containers for accommodation, one of which being medical doctor's container that also can accommodate one patient if necessary.

The research station is occupied during the Antarctic summer only when there is mid-winter on the northern hemisphere. At that time of the year the conditions are most suitable for research activity, air temperature being approximately minus 0-15 °C.