The authority responsible for Finnish Antarctic research is the Ministry of Education. The Ministry sets up the Antarctic Coordination Group, the purpose of which is to promote the cooperation of different authorities, to establish the priorities for Finnish Antarctic research and to supervise the logistics of expeditions to the Antarctic. The Academy of Finland is mainly responsible for the financing of Antarctic research projects.

Finnish Antarctic Research Program FINNARP is operating under Finnish Meteorological Institute. FINNARP's main responsibilities are to carry out the Finnish Antarctic Research activities in accordance with the Finnish Antarctic Strategy, maintain the Finnish research station Aboa, arrange the field research and supervise that both national and international legislation and obligations are complied with.

The fieldwork in the Antarctic is usually carried out in the Finnish research station Aboa and from there to other areas in the western Queen Maud Land. If needed, FINNARP arranges working facilities in the research stations of other countries as well. For marine scientific projects FINNARP arranges transportation and working facilities on ships. FINNARP also manages travelling expenses, transportation, health care and catering of Antarctic expeditions.

Photo: FINNARP/ Heikki Lihavainen